Tiger - Strength, Tenacity, Ferocity
Claw strikes, tiger palms, tiger mouth strikes. The Tiger is known for its ability to use qualities such as low center of gravity and body weight to its advantage, locking joints, ripping muscle and tendons with devestating and debillitating effect. This animal is simple, honest and honorable and its animal style represents dominance, strength, power and action. It is said that when two tigers meet one leaves wounded and the other is left to die. The power of the tiger requires great restraint and understanding.
Leopard - Speed, Power, Agility
Leopard paw, claws, elbows, forearms, quick shifting motions of the waist. The Leopard does not have as much mass as the Tiger, therefore, it can't crush its prey like a tiger. Instead, it relies on speed and aggression to compensate. The Leopard attacks with a relentless series of attacks, less concerned about blocking. "Why block when I can hit?" is its motto. Unlike the Tiger the Leopard has less use for deep rooted stances. The Leopard would only root momentarily for power and for the quick leaps and directional changes off of a strong mobile base as is characteristic of this animal.
Crane - Grace, Balance, Patience
Chicken wrist strike, cranes beak, wing strike, front, back and crescent kicks and multiple kicking attacks. The Crane posesses the ability to grip the ground for balance, can deflect most attacks by creating angles with its footwork. This animal is very unique in comparison to the other animals. It is graceful, light, patient, watching and never initiating the attack. It, rather, evades and if it thinks that it is appropriate it will teach, finding a point to counter, an obvious vital spot like eyes, nose, ears, crown of the head and anything else that is suitable for its light long claws and sharp strong beak. The Crane would counter-attack from any angle except the front. It would always side-step the attack, possibly using its wing to hide the movement.
Snake - Inner Power (Chi), Precision, Suppleness
Inner strength (chi), precision, order, wisdom, endurance, two finger pokes, spearhand poke, snake strike, snake kicks, snake stances. The Snake is unique among animals because it has no external limbs. This style focuses on speed, accuracy, knowledge, timing, precision and pressure point strikes and sequences. There are two types of snakes: The viper and the constrictor. Someone who practices the Snake style is never the attacker, much like the Crane. The viper waits for the right moment, the right spot for its precision attack. The constrictor uses deception and any contact to trap, wrap, and crush the attacker breaking and straining limbs or creating chokes and locks. The Snake style of fighting usually will incorporate both the constrictor aspect and the viper. The Snake's style of blocking is evasive using more slips, bobs and weaves than direct blocks. It relies on its agile body and quick reflexes to avoid contact besides its own counter-attacks.
Dragon - Rides the Wind, Fighting Spirit, Transcendence
Palm hand strike, claws, spinning kicks, whipping motions (Dragons Tail). In legend the Dragon comes from a storm cloud and because of that can strike in all directions. There are many rising and falling motions in the Dragon style that resemble the motion of smoke; this style also uses many whipping strikes powered by the rotation of the waist. Some consider the Dragon the fifth element, unifying the other four animal fighting styles into one. The Dragon's legendary shape shifting ability represents the fighter using all the weapons of the animals in an adaptive and indomitable manner.