Marlon Anthony Wilson - Godan (5th Degree)
Marlon Wilson is a fifth degree master of Shaolin Kempo. He has been teaching Shaolin kempo in Montreal, Quebec since 1998 . He began his martial arts training late, at the age of 15 with Judo. He achieved the rank of brown belt and all the requirements for shodan except 60 points in competition.

After taking some Kyokushin for a few months and Aikido for six months, he came across a Shaolin Kempo school. This was to be his first taste of his greatest martial art love. The achievement of shodan brought him to a place that needed a deeper understanding and knowledge of the history and application of this art. He started to teach for his teachers and then later on his own. Forever a student, his passion for learning exploded in the richness and reward of being a teacher. The responsibility to his students fuelled yet another powerful passion: The need to learn everything about Shaolin Kempo and how to train effectively. As his training continued, his depth, knowledge and skill as a martial artist grew. Shortly after earning his third degree black belt in Shaolin Kempo, the last of the available teachers in his area closed their doors. In a panic and feeling pressure to take over the school along with the considerable franchise fees, he typed a post on a forum entitled “loosing shaolin kempo”. Of the many responses he received one stood out. No suggestions, no attacks just a simple request, “Why don’t you call me and tell me what is happening, if you want?” The sign off said that the response came from a Shaolin Kempo master. Marlon called, and that began the journey to a whole new level of learning, studying and training in Shaolin Kempo. This master’s teachings and training methods unified everything he had learned and studied from all his varied searching; and, so began his journey to mastery…the poster who responded was Prof. Thomas Ingargiola.
Yanik Masson - Yodan (4th Degree)
Yanik Masson began training in the art of Shaolin Kempo in 1996 in Montreal, Canada and lives and trains there to this day. He first joined Sensei Danny Masson's dojo who, at the time, was part of the Masters Self Defense Centers. There he found something he had been looking for many years : a very complete martial art. Kempo being a mix of karate, kung fu and ju jitsu, it allows for a much better understanding of martial arts. Yanik stayed with Danny Masson for 5 years and, under her guidance and that of Sensei Patrick Brochu, he achieved black belt level in June 2001. He had the chance to learn directly from Masters Nohelty and Bryant on a few occasions. During those six years he met with many talented martial artists and became friend with a few of them. One of those was Marlon Wilson. When Danny Masson closed her school in 2001, Yanik went to train in a Kempo school thatwas part of Master Clermont Poulin's Studios Unis. There he trained for one year and really enjoyed having the chance to have a new point of view on Kempo : that of Prof. Nick Cerio. But then that school closed also. At that same time, Yanik learned that Marlon Wilson was now teaching in his own school. There he found a teacher like every school should have : dedicated, passionate, perfectionist, always eager to learn and share that new knowledge. And also very patient! To this day, yanik keeps training with Marlon (and Thomas Ingargiolia as often as he can trying to achieve a simple goal : trying to be the best martial artist he can be while having fun.
Orsike Fazekas- 1st Dan
I was introduced to my first teacher Luc Poirier in 1993 at the age of 5 by my mother. I trained under Luc in Dollard-des-Ormeaux until 1996, when he moved to Boston. I had achieved blue belt green stripe by then. The teaching was continued by Sensei’s Natalie Paradis and Gregory Young. Before they left in 1999, they helped me earn my 1rst degree black belt in Boston. I trained under Sensei Danny Masson in Verdun for a short time after Senseis Paradis and Young closed their dojos. I resumed my training with Sifu Marlon Wilson in 2001, when he re-opened the dojo in DDO. All of my teachers were taught and guided by Shihan Robert Nohelty from Masters Self Defense Centers in Boston. Since moving to Szeged, Hungary in 2002 with my family, I’ve stopped practicing the martial arts, which I might resume one day. I would like to thank all of my teachers for their encouragement and help in obtaining my martial arts knowledge.
Patrick Leduc - 1st Dan
Jennifer Budkewitsch - Nidan (2nd Degree)
Colin Narsted - Nidan (2nd Degree)
Cheryl Benoit- 1st Dan

Ten years gone by… I began my training at the age of 23, four months after the birth of my second daughter. I knew from the very first class I was never going to truly leave the dojo.

I quickly moved up the colored belts under the instruction of Sensi Paradis and Sensi Young through the direction of the Master's self-defense centers. Within that time period, I completed my instructors' course and enjoyed many seminars & competitions here in Montréal and the United States. Unfortunately, Sensi Paradis closed both her dojos, in 1998.   I briefly trained under the guidance of Sensi Masson, and then, in 2001, I joined Sifu Wilson's Shaolin Kempo training center allowing me to continue my path in the martial arts. It has been a long journey; nevertheless, there is no end I wish to obtain.