June - July

Kempo Hands :
The concept of kempo hands is particular to shaolin kempo although not unique to our system.Striking off the blocking hand or double striking with the same limb constitues a major part of kempo hands.  This speeds up the block strike interval and also creates an immediate opportunity to enter.  Make the kempo hands a focus for this month. practice in class and out of class; notice how many of our techniques and forms uses this principle. Work it into muscle memory.

March - May

The Basics:
Take the time to key in on your basics...the non technique stuff you learned at the beginner levels of white, yellow, and orange. Your stances, work them, look at them in the mirror if need be, listen to the advice others are recieving about their stances; your fist, are you forming it correctly, are you striking with the right motion; balance...nuff said. Do all of these basics slowly and with a critical eye...look for the flaws, we all have them and we all need to improve them. This focus is for everybody, black belts can add seeking the function in the form of the basic but it is more important to refine your basics on a physical level than only mentally challenging your understanding

December - January

High - low and low-high attack pattrens:
First learned in combination #3, a low strike followed by a quick strike high. The inverse can be found in 2 pinan: A high strike followed by a quick low strike. These concepts are simple and very effective if executed properly. Work these techniques into your reaction drills and no mind drills. Of course, they also work well in sparring situations, one key to unlocking the potential of these concepts is to make the initial strike real. Not a pretty feint but a real attack that if not blocked will connect! Work it slow and fast, work it hard, work it often. Practice ...actually make your practice a study of kempo! And, therefore a study of you!!

Black Belts: I hope two man fist set has taught you new depths to your timing and reactions. This month go over the concepts discussed in the current focus and find understanding and teachings to be found for your level. There are broad and specific things here, including folding and escaping arts and more and also teaching tools. seek, study and find.

October - November

Evade and Counter Attack :
First learned in combination 7, evasion and a quick counter is an important part of the martial arts and shaolin kempo is no exception. This current focus will help you develop the timing and skill necessary to stay close enough to strike, yet be out of harms way. Combination 7 uses a side thrust kick, but, as always, the concept is not limited to the actual step-by-step technique. Take the time to find what weapons come into play with different timing and distance.

Black Belts: Keep up with two man fist set as in the last focus!! Work it harder, it will serve you well.