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Our centre is a family oriented dojo teaching practical self defense through the martial art of Shaolin Kempo! We teach the students skills and techniques to build strength, confidence, respect and self discipline.

Shaolin Kempo Training Center has something for everyone.
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The Rules of the Dojo

The effort begins before the class starts and continues on well after the class has ended. Excellence depends on the effort given. While many enjoy early success because of sheer physical talent, it can take them only so far. All instructors can recall the student with crazy skills. S/he could pick up a new move in a breath and execute it as though s/he had been born to it. At the advanced belt level, the demands went beyond mere mimicry and s/he soon, to everyone’s shock and dismay, quits. It can be difficult to reconcile the level of effort now needed as an advanced belt with an ”immature” idea of what is a good martial artist. Discouragement sets in and the student leaves not only the school but martial arts altogether. When this occurs it is a failure on our part as instructors.
Each training place follows explicit or implicit formalities. These range from dress code, acceptable and unacceptable language, chain of command, ritual…First and foremost etiquette is about a mindset. The essentials of getting the most for your effort stem from the mindset you live with in your training. This extends through actions and into thought. By no means can we expect a student not to question, do not misconstrue etiquette or respect in this manner. Rather, extrapolate the notion of effort to an immersion of self into the ethos or paradigm of ones chosen art. The head of the style creates the tone and the head instructor “flavours” it with her/his personality. Yet, all remains within the boundaries of the wū shih-do or būshi-do of the system. There is a “way” of conduct that the practitioner of Shaolin Kempo is expected to maintain. Either it expresses itself through the etiquette in and out of the dojo or the student only advances so far.
Character or integrity is who we are and what we do when we cannot be seen or have consequences forced on us. Effort and etiquette can be imposed on a person through external influence. Character, or rather the desired character, internalizes the fertile groundwork of effort and etiquette and so, grows into something more. Character differentiates a mere brute, even a highly skilled brute from a warrior. Character defines a warrior.
Becoming a warrior begins and ends with control. First, control of the body, equilibrium and breath. Then, control of the will, mind and the spirit leading to control of others. Culminating in the control of ones life and the ability to truly be free, let go and advance. Before one can control another in a self-defense situation, one must learn to control themselves, both physically and mentally.
None of the above will lead to any lasting or significant results without discipline of the self. Discipline is a state of order and growth based on submission to rules and authority either external or internal. Training and dedication will bring the student from following the external demands of the teacher for discipline to a point where the impetus becomes internal. Self-discipline extends beyond the routine of regular training, it demands that one applies the knowledge, teachings, and thinking coherently to every aspect of ones life. It emphasizes commitment to the daily steps large and small that are consistent with long term goals. Discipline can be imposed externally.
Self-discipline comes from within. The true Shaolin Kempo practitioner always strives to be self-disciplined.